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Leroy Hearth and Home is your fireplace and alternate fuels heating headquarters. All heating appliance installations and repairs should be done by factory-trained installation specialists. Our experienced installation staff is current on all code and manufacturer requirements for both fire and venting safety.

Gas Heating Appliances

Gas Fireplaces

Enhance your home's value while decreasing our nation's dependence on foreign oil with a beautiful new propane or natural gas fireplace from Leroy Hearth and Home.  Visit our new showroom and talk with our expert staff to compare between fireplaces by the following manufacturers:

Mendota Heat & Glo Jotul Enviro Napoleon
Gas Stoves

When space is an issue, it's hard to beat the warmth and beauty of a freestanding natural gas or propane stove on a cold winter night.  Be sure to ask the experts at Leroy Hearth and Home about the venting options with today's clean, modern decorative gas stove units.

Jotul Heat & Glo Enviro Napoleon
Gas Inserts

Wouldn't it be nice if you really could have your cake and eat it too?  You already have a fireplace, but aren't you tired of seeing dollars wasted in an old and inefficient design?  Consider a clean and efficient gas fireplace insert unit like those offered by the following manufacturers at Leroy Hearth and Home in Leroy, NY.

Heat & Glo Jotul Mendota Enviro Napoleon
Gas Fireplace Log Sets

Add beauty and simplicity to your wood-burning fireplace.  Bring life and beauty back into your existing fireplace with a natural gas or propane log set from the alternate fuel specialists at Leroy Hearth and Home.  Be sure to check your local codes and to consult with Bruce or Tammy before attempting any heat source installation on your own.

Heat & Glo RH Peterson American Hearth

Wood Heating Appliances

Woodburning Fireplaces

Gas is great, but sometimes only a real wood fire will do.  Today's modern fireplace units are efficient, beautiful, and easy to keep clean.

Heat & Glo Napoleon
Woodburning Stoves

You'll be glad you made the drive when you see the selection of wood stoves in our new showroom!  We have stoves on display from the following manufacturers:

Jotul Napoleon Enviro
Woodburning Inserts

You have an old masonry fireplace but are tired of losing heat up the chimney when the fire dies down after going to bed?  What if you could have the efficiency of an air-tight wood stove in your existing fireplace?  As always, think twice before before attempting any installation on your own!

Jotul Enviro Napoleon
Woodburning Furnaces

For serious wood-burners who want more than just local heating, consider an integrated installation - either to replace or to supplement your existing home heat source.  Leroy Hearth & Home has the hardware AND the expertise to make your major heating re-design successful.


Pellet/BioFuel Heating Appliances

Pellet Stoves

Enjoy the warth and ambiance of burning wood without the mess or bother of handling logs. Leroy Hearth and Home has become the region's headquarters for pellet stoves and fuel.

Enviro Breckwell Napoleon
Pellet Inserts

Like their woodburning cousins, these units are designed to slip right into your existing masonry fireplace opening. Get the comfort of a pellet stove with the beauty of a fireplace!

Enviro Breckwell Napoleon
Wood Pellet Fuel

Real wood pellet fuel.

Electric Heating Appliances

Electric Fireplaces

For clean heat, it's hard to beat electricity.

Heat & Glo Classic Flame Modern Flames

Heating and Energy Saving Accessories

Hearth Boards

Beautiful hearth boards that are designed for use underneath wood, gas or pellet stoves.

American Panel AJ Hudson River Diamond Hearth
Remote Controls

Control your gas fireplace from the comfort of your chair.


We carry major brands of chimneys:

Duravent Selkirk Metalbestos Heat Fab
Fireplace Doors

Beautiful enclosures, both with and without glass.

Fireplace Tool Sets

A wide selection of decorative tools, tool sets, and log racks.

Fireplace Screens

Fireplace screens are essential decorative and safety items.

Maintenance Items

Cleaners, paints, door gaskets, etc.

Rutland Stove Bright ACS Loveless Ash Vac
Mantels & Shelves

Decorative accessories to enhance your existing fireplace.

Mt Vernon Heat & Glo Log Style Mantels
Natural Stone Veneers

These aren't artificial stones! See examples used in our displays throughout our new showroom.

Natural Stone Veneers

fireplace accessories

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